Mas Verde.
About Mas Verde Mas Verde is a fusion of Rock, Blues, Jazz, and Psych. Starting out of Milwaukee, WI, Mas Verde is a music collective formed around the songs written by lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Zach Spiegler. Inspiration behind the music of Mas Verde ranges from The Cars, The Beach Boys, and David Bowie to more modern acts like Mac Demarco and Tame Impala. Mas Verde’s music is a reflection of good times, falling in and out of love, and drinking a beer while daydreaming about your life. Plus, the world needs more green, don’t you think.
Mas Verde/ALBUM RELEASE – Scrumtrulescent

ALBUM RELEASE – Scrumtrulescent


Time: July 17, 2020 11.00PM
Location: milwaukee downtown area
Organized By: Zach Spielger

About Tour

Mas Verde’s first project, “Scrumtrulescent”, released on July 17th, is a collection of songs written and recorded over the course of 3 years. There have been approximately 20 musicians that made contributions on the debut EP, including five drummers and a string quintet.  The songs on the project go through love, self reflection, and looking for what the future can hold, even with the past feeling so present. The name of the EP comes from an old SNL skit with Will Ferrel playing the late James Lipton. In the skit he tries to describe something so beautiful and wonderful there is no word for it, so he makes one up. That word was Scrumtrulescent. That said, this a much better name than what the title was originally going to be, My Dixie Wrecked.



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